VIA Downer Winter Drinks

We know how to warm you up when it’s cold outside. VIA Downer’s winter drinks menu features both classic favorites and our staff’s own creative concoctions.

Available only in fall and winter, we swap out our specialty drink menu each spring for warm weather favorites. That way, we’ve got you covered year-round. Enjoy!

via downer winter drink menu - gluhwein


Glühwein $5
Red wine & rum mulled with citrus, cloves & cinnamon, a time honored way to warm both body & spirit

Friar’s Delight $7
Coffee made even better with Frangelico & Disaronno, topped with a head of steamed milk

B & B    $8
Bénédictine and Courvoisier served hot in a snifter

Sugar Shack $10
Roaring Dan’s Maple Rum & Rehorst Citrus Honey Vodka with Spiced Maple Syrup, topped with a splash of OJ

Ginger Toddy $7
Kinnickinnic Whiskey, hot Rishi Tangerine Ginger Tea served with a generous squeeze of Wisconsin Honey & a slice of lemon

Miltowne Old Fashioned $7
The classic featuring locally distilled Kinnickinnick Whiskey